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 Terror of the Seas - Main Bosses!

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Terror of the Seas - Main Bosses!   Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:52 am

High Cultist Jorthus Doompike

Twin to the Legion warlock, Karava Doompike, Jorthus was an aspiring Shadowmancer in his own right when growing up, until one day, he came to hear voices. Instructions rather that guided him. For years he's been groomed and trained and aided to fulfill his one goal: Revive N'zoth.
Now a 142 years old, Jorthus Doompike has his own cult and powers beyond belief. Able to enslave the simplest creatures and tear gods asunder, Jorthus is making his move in the deep oceans of Vashj'ir...

Shadow Lord Viktor Craft

Viktor Craft was a simple farmer with an affinity for shadow magic. After Jorthus killed his family, he approached the farmer and stated the Paladins had killed his family. Angered by the betrayal, Viktor was offered more power then he could imagine by Jorthus, and in return only had to give his soul and undying loyalty. Now more shadow then man, Viktor has become the Shadow Lord and overseer for most of Jorthus' operations. Told that the time has come, The Shadow Lord will do whatever it takes to keep his master safe.


Darkspeaker R'khem

Darkspeaker R'khem (prenounced Ar-Khem), has been a loyal servant of N'zoth ever since his creation. Having fought major wars against the other faceless of C'thun and Yogg-Saron, Darkspeaker R'khem has led many Faceless or N'raqi, to victory. Imprisoned with his master, he was summoned forth by an unknown Twilight summoner. Imprisoned within Icecrown, R'khem used naive adventurers to release his bonds, after which he vanished.

Now resurfaced and summoned by Jorthus Doompike, R'khem will protect Jorthus at all costs until his Master returns from the depths below...

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Terror of the Seas - Main Bosses!
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