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 Arphenion Ridley, Main Antagonist.

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PostSubject: Arphenion Ridley, Main Antagonist.   Wed May 03, 2017 7:05 pm

Arphenion Ridley, Master Summoner.


Arphenion Ridley was born in Darrowshire in the King's Year 462. His childhood was spend with playing, school and later on, a parttime job as a lumberjack. At age 16, in the King's Year 478, Arphenion enlisted in the Lordaeron Army and quickly rose up to Corporal. At age 20, he became a Sergeant. Age 30, King's Year 492, The Orc's assaulted Lordaeron. Ridley fought with honor and valour and won the war with his country. King's Year 570, Ridley is an old man but strangely enough shows no signs of old age, his fellow soldiers question this. After a thorough investigation into Ridley's affairs, it becomes public that Ridley, during the First war, was ecruited by the Orc Warlocks to aid them. He was given an item, that has not left his person. Origins and purpose of the item, unknown.

Entry from Corporal Darion's journal:
"We have retrieved evidence from the prisoner. Lieutenant-Major Ridley will be executed at dawn in two days. May he rot in hell."

One day before the execution happens, the Scourge assault Lordaeron. Arthas has returned from Northrend and butchered the King. The Silver Hand lay bloodied and broken. Ridley uses this chaos to escape. He takes on a new identity, new looks, and forms an order called, the Darrowshire Battallion. Here, he recruits and meets his wife-to-be, Reinette du Puchon.
Weeks later, they reform into the Stromgarde Company, Ridley promotes himself to Grand Marshal.

Entry from Reinette's journal:
"I feel strange. I don't know what's happening. I seem to be losing the ability to say no to Ridley, but how? No matter how disgusting it is what he wants me to do, I do it. No objection, no argument, nothing. Have I become soft?"

Reinette became enthranced by a necklace Ridley gave her, giving him complete control over her body. Her mind, her consciousness, a prisoner inside of it. He has his fun. He beats her, rapes her, mpregnates her, whips her, his cruelty surfacing, replacing his charming, sweet exterior.
King's year, 608, a paladin from the Argent Crusade, Kevin Isenstrider, crushes the pendant, releasing Reinette. She is now free. In the meantime Arphenion is approached by the Legion. He agrees to their terms.
Reinette gathers the army of Renarion and assaults the ruins of Stromgarde, murdering every Ridley loyalist there is.

Entry from General Jacobus Axle, General of Renarion:
"It's painful to see her like this. She used to be so sweet. Now she's vengeance and cruelty incarnate. Every man and woman claiming loyalty to Ridley is butchered in a the most sadistic way possible. This is not the woman I saw grow up, but I have no choice. I must do as she asks, it's the promise I made to Avent."

At the end of the battle, Ridley flees. Reinette du Puchon is severely injured and bleeds out. Her remains are buried within her family grave with honor. While her final acts were cruel, they are however, understandable.


Arphenion Ridley is a cruel man. He takes pleasure in the pain and grief of others. His knowledge of Fel and Demons is vast, nearly limitless and he is alot older then a normal Human should be. Currently at the age of 150, he still seems very youthful in his actions. While his appearance matches the description of an old man, his actions make it look he's somewhere in his thirties or fourties.
Arphenion Ridley is a sadistic, sociopathic killer with illusions of grandure and a very narsisstic element. He believes himself invincible as is shown through his actions, not hiding or putting the blame on someone else, taking credit for the damage he causes. Arphenion Ridley is considered powerful and extremely dangerous.


Genocide of Zenithar (put the blame on the Forsaken, to see the result.)
Mass-murder, currently counting 388 deaths on his name.
Grand Arson, burned down Avent's Storehouse, destroying his fortune.
Espionage, known for selling Alliance and Horde secrets to the Legion.
Use of Felfire within city walls.
Aiding wanted criminals (Only to kill them when he has no more use of them)
Mass-dissapearance of the Caer Darrow Colony.
Genocide of New Avalon (The new folks that rebuild it.)
Associating with a wanted criminal. (Karava Doompike)
Grand Summoning(Summoning of uncontrollable Demons: Pit Lord, etc.)
Murder of Colette du Puchon.
Murder of Reinette du Puchon.
Murder of Arantxa du Puchon.
Murder of Torg Blacksail.
Murder of Emdori du Puchon.
Child Abuse.
Drug Trafficking.


Known - Caer Darrow, Darrowshire, Deadwind Pass, Raven Hill, Blackrock Mountain, Desolace Ruins.

Unknown - Ruins of Feathermoon, The Twin Colossus, Ashenvale Grove(corrupted), Blackwald (Gilneas), Stromgarde, Durnholde, Outland, Draenor and Broken Isles.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Arphenion Ridley, Main Antagonist.
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