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 The Light Beckons - March/April Campaign.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: The Light Beckons - March/April Campaign.   Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:53 pm

The Cold North. Roof of the World. Land of the Damned. Northrend has many names and is known for many things. The beautiful Fjord, The wild Grizzly Hills, The shiny Crystalsong Forest. But mostly, it is known as the birthplace of The Scourge, One of Azeroth's greatest enemies besides the Legion. Once ruled by the Traitor Prince, Arthas Menethil aka The Lich King, The scourge now finds themself under a new ruler, one more passive. The once noble hero, Bolvar Fordragon.

During the Battle of the Throne, Icecrown's lower levels were taken by Argent Crusaders. But none left. Every message the Crusade send after the battle to withdraw to that particular platoon, went unanswered. Every messenger, never returned. While the Lich King was defeated, Icecrown was still filled with scourge, cultists and Vargul. The platoon was assumed dead...until now.

The assumed-dead platoon, under leadership of Father George Leoric, once an Inquisitor for the Argent Crusade, suddenly launches an attack on the Argent Vanguard and Crusader's Pinnacle. Both victories for Leoric and he takes over both bases. Followed by his chain of command, Leoric sends the Vigil all across Northrend to stop him in his tracks and to attempt to reach Icecrown once more.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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The Light Beckons - March/April Campaign.
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