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 The Light Beckons! - Allies.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: The Light Beckons! - Allies.   Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:11 pm

Crusader Blazer of the Duranin.

Long ago, an order of Paladins started a group of their own after Arthas had forsaken them. The Duranin. A group of Paladins in Northrend under the leadership of Blazer, have come to aid the Vigil in their quest for freedom and Justice.

Pilot Barty Blastnut.

One of the Gnomes from the Borean Airport, Pilot Blastnut was one of the Gnomes to aid in not only freeing his fellow gnomes from Mechazod but also blasting numerous Scourge to the abyss from his airplane. One of the few Gnomes that stayed behind when the Alliance pulled most it's troops out, Barty has become the chosen leader of the airport. Knowing that the Vigil has come here to rescue Northrend once more, Barty places himself and his best pilots at their disposal!

Ranger-Captain Feranna "Salstus" Featherfall.

Answering Thelon's plight, Feranna and her Rangers of the Loch, travel to Northrend to put Thelon's brother to rest. While she aids the Vigil in their missions, she herself has come to chase a rumor of her own. Delighted to be reunited with her sister, Kilianna, her physical fighting is put on hold. Sending her rangers alone with the Vigil while she aids with the tactics.

The Hooded Ebon AKA Thalaraan "Sunsworn" Featherfall.

Once a proud Battle-Mage of Silvermoon City, Thalaraan Featherfall, eldest child of the Featherfall family, was raised to become the primary heir to the Featherfall position. Anointed Knight of Silvermoon and a quick learner in the arcane arts, Thalaraan was perhaps one of the first true Battle-Magi of his race. Charged with protecting the third fragment of the Moonstone during the Assault on Quel'Thalas, Thalaraan gave Arthas a run for his money. Annoying the Traitor Prince to ends unknown, upon his death, Arthas granted him no peace of afterlife and instead raised him as a Death Knight. After his will was freed by the Ebon Blade, Thalaraan himself, being one of the strongest Death Knight's, led the charge against the Gates of Icecrown. Mainly Aldur'thar and Corp'rethar. Now hearing of the Vigil chasing Ruad, Thalaraan joins the Vigil but keeps his hood on at all times, not wanting his sisters to recognize him.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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The Light Beckons! - Allies.
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