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 Renarion's Enemies!

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Renarion's Enemies!   Sun May 07, 2017 10:06 am

Arphenion Ridley, Master Summoner.

Arphenion Ridley is a 150-year old Warlock that has served the Legion since he was 20. Enlisted into the Legion by the Orc's, Ridley has used his powers for both the Legion's tasks and his own personal grudges. Now with Penelope actively looking for his weakness, Ridley senses that the duo is approaching their endgame. Not long before Penelope and Ridley face off in combat, of which only one will come out alive. Blue Fire meets Fel Fire. Warlock against Warrior. Old against young.

Mercury Ascendant, Raziel.

Preferring violence over peace, Raziel the Mercury Ascendant, has split off from his siblings in their effort to help the world be a better place. Raziel has especially a bone to pick with Penelope and her Vigil for changing the ways of the Ascendants in Vashj'ir. Now attacking Renarion when he can with mercury slimes, Raziel is one of the toughest enemies due to his ability to heal any major wounds in a manner of seconds.

Bandit King, Ralof of Hillsbrad.

Ralof Hadvar, also known as Ralof of Hillsbrad, became King of the Bandit Clan in Hillsbrad. After the Forsaken assault, he and his clan forced out the Syndicate from Strahnbrad and took it for their own. Renaming themselves The Strahnbrad Syndicate. Ralof is one of Renarion's enemies as he attempts to take the city for himself always. Ralof's skills lie mostly in poisons and martial arts. Yet, he has the ability to use the Arcane to his will, abusing the magic how he sees fit. Ralof is on the 3rd place of Renarion's toughest enemies.

The Contractor.

Not much is known about this Pandaren Monk, only that she's no longer an official monk. She used to be a Black Ox Sentinel, and was one of the greatest monks to live, but something happened which caused her to get off the right path. Now only known as the Contractor, she is responsible for enlisting assassins to take out targets. Consumed by Greed, this Pandaren has a bone to pick with Penelope for prying away one of her top assassins, Havoc.

The Dark Warchief.

Long ago, One of the Elves of Quel'Thalas was killed and risen as a Death Knight to serve Arthas, and so she did, with pleasure even. After Mograine's rebellion, she escaped together with Arthas and Orbaz. After the Fall of the Lich King and the Ebon Blade pursuing her, she caused pain and grief wherever she went. None were spared. Her polearm, Maniacal, holds the souls of men, women and even childeren. Outsmarted by Reinette du Puchon, the Dark Warchief, as she called herself, was imprisoned in a flawlessly engineered cell and placed deep within the Halls of Confinement, beneath Renarion where no doors lead. A prison for the cruelest of creatures. Her Polearm was sealed away in the Vault of Terrors, within Vaalkrone's Town Hall. Years gone by and Renarion changed rulers. And with Vaalkrone rebuild, the polearm starts to whisper once more, calling out to it's wielder.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Renarion's Enemies!
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