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 Renarion's Fall.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Renarion's Fall.   Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:30 pm

Fall of Renarion.

Few weeks ago, The city of Renarion came under heavy assault by the Forsaken led by the infamous High Executioner Mournwatch.
Three days it took for the battle to continue.
Mournwatch kept coming with more and more forces, Renarion called upon it's allies:

The Palerock Clan.
The Order of The Silver Hand.
The Wintershroud.
The Order of Runa.

These four Orders came to Renarion's aid and while they fought bravely, it was not enough. After three days of death, blood and loss, Renarion was overcome by the sheer numbers of the Forsaken. Renarion had fallen. Countess Penelope was overcome with grief. Not only had she failed, but she lost many friends, people and even her husband in the battle.
Shortly after though, General Jacobus Axle took the Vigil and the remainder of his men and laid siege to Purgation Isle and took it, Sir Morgen Varlan fell in this battle, may the Light embrace him.

Now, Penelope and the Vigil prepare themselves mentally and physically, training effortlessly for when they go on the offensive. When the General calls, the Vigil, Order of Runa, Palerock Clan and the remainder of the Wintershroud, will lay siege to Renarion, in an attempt to take it back!

Rise of Vaalkrone.

Robert du Puchon left with the civillian population of Renarion to lead them to safety through the Enchanted Mine of Renarion. After two days, they arrived at the Ruins of Vaalkrone, on a large island off the coast of Tirisfal. And once there, he and the civillians immediately started to rebuild the city, to create an assault point for Penelope.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Renarion's Fall.
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