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 Renarion's History - full version.

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PostSubject: Renarion's History - full version.   Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:53 pm

History of the Vigil.

Long before the Dawn of men, In the roof of the World, Northrend. Up in the mountains in infamous Dragonblight, lived a lone Vrykul Seeress. Runa Vondottir was her name.
Runa was middle-aged and spend her life practicing the arcane arts, she was one of the first to discover the illusionary blue fire. Entranced by it's color and mystery, Runa dubbed it "Spirit-Fire" and wanted to make it her signature. Though there was a problem. The spirit fire couldn't actually damage anyone. Part of the arcane school that would be known as Illusion, blue fire was just that, an illusion.
For years, Runa spend researching, practicing and delving into ancient magics to try and weaponize this beautiful fire. During her research she met and wed an unknown man and had two childeren, Absalon and Ragna. After the birth of Ragna, Runa found the secret to weaponizing the Blue Fire but in the Ritual to make it happen so, something went wrong. The ritual was too strong, and the Blue Fire became bound to Runa's very essence, not only scarring her body with runic gravings for a short period but after a few hours, claiming her life as well.
The Ritual did work however, as every woman who then shared Runa's essence, was able to cast blue fire.

Years passed, Absalon begot 2 sons and a daughter: Edvard, Cai and Kaja.
Ragna had two childeren: Dagonet and Katrine.
The sons of Runa's childeren were put through gruesome and hard training as, in respect for their mother, they trained the daughters to harness the Blue Fire too. And in addition, created fancy surcoats, bearing the blue flame crest, which they would wear to show their heritage.
After several years once more, The grandchilderen had all but grown up and something strange happened to Absalon's middle son, Cai. During his training, a sparring session with his father, he burst out in anger, sending a wave of blue flames at his father. The family was shocked, because so far, only the women were able to do that. Cai said he had not been studying it at all. So what was it then? What gave the men the power to do it? A natural affinity for the arcane? Or did Cai lie and he studied it after all? Questions that are still unanswered to this day.
After months of practicing, Cai told his father that he would start an Order for those who wish to learn how to cast damaging blue fire. And so, the Order of Runa, was born. The Order of Runa, are lorekeepers, Magi and apprentices, who work effortlessly in their worship of Runa and the defense of Renarion. As a token of loyalty, each member of the Order, wears a plain blue robe, blue hood and has the Mark of Fire, burned into their forehead.

After several years, Edvard Absalonson, had a daughter, Ida Edvardsdottir. We will return to her later.
First our attention goes to Ragna's son, Dagonet, who took a small fleet of King Ymiron to try and conquer the southern lands. Due to a heavy storm, a minor part of the fleet perished, but the majority crash landed onto the shores of what would be Hillsbrad. They marched up until they found the place that reminded them of home. Alterac.
Finding a large mansion, filled with a great populace of Ogre's. Dagonet found this mansion fitting and send in a Vrykul messenger. The messenger stood before the Ogre-Lord and claimed:"Ogre's! Commander Dagonet commands you disgusting creature's to stand down, move out or die. What is your response?!"
The Ogre Lord was furious, he grabbed his mace and with the signature words of an Ogre:"Me smash you!" The messenger was killed. His dismembered body send back to Dagonet as he grinned. "Alright men, let's have some exercise!"
Dagonet and his men charged the mansion but the populace was greater and stronger then he initially thought. The battle waged on for three months, in those three months, the Ogre's were wiped out to a handful and Dagonet, found himself with only two men by his side. A nameless soldier, and his wife, Viveca Mauridsdottir. In the final battle, Dagonet and Viveca were victorious, Dagonet slayed the Ogre-Lord and put his head on a pike. A few weeks after, Dagonet's cousin, Edvard, arrived with his daughter, Ida, and a ship of workers. The workers immediately began to build a wall around the mansion of Renarion. Ida Edvardsdottir, was a tinkerer. An industrious type. Kind of like a Vrykul Engineer. Using wood, metal and rusty, worn out tools, Ida created additional buildings near the mansion. A Barracks, a Sorcerer's Tower and a tavern.
Dagonet and Viveca received their greatest blessing 9 months after. A baby boy they called Axel.
Then a dark time came..Dagonet received word of King Ymiron that he had decreed they would abandon the titans. All were to follow him now. Deformed childeren were born. Weaker, smaller, ugly childeren.
While Axel fit the same description, Dagonet would not cast his son aside and instead, embraced him as one. While not a Vrykul himself, Axel proved himself to be a Vrykul at heart. His lust for battle, his crude behaviour, his continious taunts to those who would dare cross him or his family.
We move forward now, until after the Devolvement of Vrykuls. Not much is known during that period. The Vigil of Renarion and Order of Runa were still going strong but they were mostly Humans now. The mansion of Renarion grew into the Town of Renarion.

As we gaze upon the current leadership, we see Axel's grandson, Avent, ruling over the town as a Baron. His political status granted to him by the King of Lordaeron, Terenas Menethil, and recognized by him and the Alliance, as a worthy opponent, respectable tactician and kind and honorable man.
He was offered the daughter of another Alteraci house, House Ardoin. Avent and Camille married and soon after had a daughter, Aurore and a son, Pascal.
Aurore and Pascal were an odd couple. They dabbled in dark magics, their heritage making them arrogant and demanding. They did not enjoy the same respect their parents did. During the Second War, When the Vigil and Order of Runa, stood against Lord Aiden Perenolde of Alterac, Pascal and Aurore went to the Orc's and offered their help as well, in exchange for teachings into dark magics by their Warlocks. While they were denied at first, one Orc, decided to grant their request. And during a battle in Renarion, Aurore disabled the Mage Tower and Pascal murdered his own father.
After the death of their beloved Baron, Renarion went into disarray. It still stood tall against the Orc's and the troops were able to fend off the assault, but immediately after, Grief struck everyone's heart.
Pascal was arrested and hung for his crime in Lordaeron City, leaving only his two sons, Pierre and Quinton.
Aurore escaped right after she disabled the Mage Tower, living in hiding, she met and seduced a man called Martin Amirault. For years she had the man under her spell. She even had a child with him. A baby daughter called Reinette.
While Reinette was dropped off at Renarion, not willing to raise her daughter herself, Aurore released Martin of his spell and went to Lordaeron City. She turned herself in and requested that before she was executed, she would be given a chance to redeem her family name, for her daughter's sake. King Terenas agreed.

This was at the beginning of the Third War, The Cult of the Damned had invaded Andorhal and plagued the grain. Aurore went undercover, posing as one of the Acolytes to try and learn more, find their weak spots. But sadly, Kel'thuzad can not be fooled and thus, she was killed, brutally, by the Acolytes and then risen to be one of their undead minions.
During the Culling of Stratholme, The Vigil of Renarion decided to intervene and if neccesary, kill the Rogue Prince. Sadly, the Vigil was no match for Arthas' strength and when Stratholme had fallen, so did the Vigil.
The Order of Runa dissappeared and with them, Renarion had to resort to their last line of defense, the troops themselves. Under the command of General Axle, father of the current General Axle.
After the return of Arthas and the death of King Terenas, Aurore the Undead, was ultimately slain by one of the First Four, Sage Truthbearer.
Yet despite the loss of Lordaeron and Quel'thalas, Renarion not only endured, but it prospered as well. Expanding, building better defenses, better weapons and better buildings.
The baby girl, Reinette, was raised to be the Baroness and leader of Renarion. She too dabbled in dark magics, resorting to shadow and felfire, but unlike her mother, did it for good. She used her powers as a Sanctioned Warlock, to track and shut down all sources of Fel and Shadow magic. In her lifetime, Reinette destroyed 387 Tomes that could summon Pit Lords, Eredar Lords and Fel Lords. She shut down 112 magical sources and evenly openly defied the Council of the Black Harvest in their search for ascendancy.
During her teens, she met and married a man called Damion Hearthfire and gave birth to triplets.
2 girls and a boy: Clevant, Penelope and Colette.
However, after the birth of the childeren, Reinette and Damion, broke up. Difficulty handling her emotions, Reinette found herself constantly disgusted by Damion's soppy behaviour and crying all the time.
Enter, Arphenion Ridley. A man so selfish, so arrogant, so manipulative, he managed to win Reinette's heart but only for a short time. When signs were displayed that he was about to lose her, he put a mind-control device around her neck, in the shape of a pretty necklace.
Reinette's mind was very much aware, but her body had to obey. After two years of torture, servitude and heartbreak, a man, Kevin Isenstrider, broke the necklace she had on. And immediately she rallied her troops and charged the company with only one goal. KILL RIDLEY.
But after a heavy battle in the Stromgarde Ruins, Arphenion took Reinette's left leg, her right arm and her right eye, and escaped, leaving the once noble woman, to bleed out. Reinette was cremated as all Renarion's leaders are.

Now, Renarion is ruled by Penelope. The Vigil, reborn, led by Penelope. The Order of Runa, resurfaced, led by her brother, Clevant.
And Ridley still at large, his time will come to an end.

"For Honor, we stand. The blue flame burns bright in all of us, and as long as we show compassion, respect and discipline, we will flourish. Long live Renarion, Honor to the Alliance!"

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Renarion's History - full version.
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