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 The Vigil's Origins

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PostSubject: The Vigil's Origins   Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:29 am

The Vigil of Renarion, starts before the dawn of Men. Before the devolving of Vrykul. In those days, the mansion of Renarion, was infested with Ogre's. A small group led by Commander Dagonet Eskelson, grandson to the founder of the Blue Flame crest, Runa Vondottir, laid siege to the Ogre's at the mansion. After three months of combat, Dagonet had no men left, and by himself butchered the Ogre Lord and his 24 ogre's that he had left. He planted his banner in the centre of the mountain and told more of his people to come. In 1 year, a shoddy yet sturdy wall was built around the mansion. Dagonet met and married Viveca Mauridsdottir, and they had a son. From that day Dagonet won his battle, Renarion has stood tall against foe's from all sizes, races and creeds. The Vigil started as a militia to defend Renarion. Following the birth of Men, Renarion became more civillized. Under the ruling of Penelope's Great-grandfather, Avent Du Puchon, Renarion was expanded to a small city, housing around 1000 people. A mere 4.7 miles away from Alterac City, Renarion quickly became noticed and it's current Baron, swore allegiance to the House Perenolde and the Alliance.

In the Second War, Lord Aiden Perenolde betrayed the Alliance and sticking to their loyalty, Renarion and it's two primary orders: The Vigil and The Order of Runa, rose up against Perenolde with his son, Lord Aliden. When Lord Aiden was taken care of, Renarion became a beacon in the Alterac Mountains for those who knew it.

In the Third War, the Order of Runa dissappeared and the Vigil was eradicated during the Culling of Strathmore. Despite their fall however, Renarion remained. Building, improving. Nowadays, the city's walls are equipped with Dwarven-engineered rapid-fire assault cannons. The city has something for each class. A garden, chapel, large tree for Druids, tavern, Mage Tower, Barracks and so forth.

The Vigil of Renarion is a chivalric, semi-military order in the service of the Grand Alliance, led by current vassal to the High King, Baroness Penelope du Puchon.
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The Vigil's Origins
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