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 Undeath Claims All - Allies.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Undeath Claims All - Allies.   Mon Jan 30, 2017 4:13 pm

Samantha Olsen, Rotbrain Commander.

Risen by the Forsaken, Samantha remained loyal to the Alliance and despised the Forsaken for what they did to her. Quickly finding like-minded people, Samantha restarted the Rotbrain Rebellion, Forsaken who hate what's been done to them and seek to punish Sylvanas for it before they claim their own lives. Finding an Ally in Penelope, Samantha comes to her aid against Mournwatch.

General Jacobus Axle.

Descendant from the Vrykul, Axel, General Jacobus serves as Penelope's first commander, leading the Renarion army into their many battle's. Now with Renarion under siege by Mournwatch, Jacobus and the army fight to the very end to keep the Blue Flame alit and the city's citizens safe. Oathsworn to Penelope's mother, Reinette, Jacobus is secretly sworn to give his own life to protect Penelope's.

High Mage Clevant du Puchon.

Using the term High Mage instead of Archmage, Clevant, brother to Penelope, serves as the Leader of the Order of Runa. Lorekeepers, Magi and Researchers that seek to protect Renarion and Runa's bloodline from outside influence. Hearing of Mournwatch's assault, Clevant deems it is time for action and he takes the Order of Runa, to Renarion. There he will aid in the defense against this great enemy and seek to eliminate Undead opposition once and for all.

Lt.-Commander Priscilla Axle.

Daughter to the legendary General Axle of Renarion, Priscilla was raised to be an excellent soldier from birth, training with Penelope ever since age 7, she and Penelope have been a team ever since. Missing in Action on the Broken Shore, Priscilla has finally returned home only to find it in ruins, escorted to Purgation Isle and updated, Priscilla suits up for battle once more.

"Havoc", Legendary Assassin.

"Havoc" as everyone knows him, was once a legendary assassin, his kills so brutal and horrific that even other assassins feared the name. Trained by Ravenholdt, SI:7 and Uncrowned, "Havoc" is an opponent to be wary of. Also served as Special Forces in the Stormwind Army, and had a profitable career as pro-sniper, "Havoc" was enlisted by the infamous, Arphenion Ridley. Having slain over 150 du Puchon's Penelope decided to turn him instead of kill him. Convincing "Havoc" to switch sides, he now serves the House du Puchon and the Wintershroud as a personal assassin.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Undeath Claims All - Allies.
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