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 Penelope Ravenclaw

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Penelope Ravenclaw   Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:27 pm

Sheet: TVS Version 1.2
Name: Penelope Ravenclaw
Race + Class (Level): Alteraci Knight (110)
System Level: 8

Health: 30 (Armor included)
Power: 38
Combat: 35
Avoidance: 33

- Edge of Vengeance 1h sword, 4 dmg, 6 crit.

- Renarion's Resolve Sword + Shield. 4 dmg, 6 crit, -1 dmg taken.

- Leather-padded Plate. (Plate Armour) +2 Health.

#1: Missed me!(10) : Penelope uses her Bearcloak to blind the enemy, avoiding the damage for that turn if it's 5 or lower.

#2 : Taste My Fury!(14) : Penelope swings her blade in a downward cleave towards her enemy, striking a crucial part of the body, dealing 7 dmg to her enemy.

#3: Knuckle-Sandwich!(10) : Penelope slams her prosthetic arm against the enemy's jaw, breaking it severely and dealing 5 dmg to her enemy.

#4: I Will Not Fall!(Passive) : Penelope, upon a fatal blow, will use her mechanical bracelet to conjure up an engineered barrier, protecting her for 1-2 turns until a healer is able to aid her.

#5: I Rise, You Fall!(Max.) : Penelope clashes blades with the enemy and after a succesful manouvre, outwits her opponent and instantly kills her enemy. This costs all her remaining power, which has to be above 15 and only works on an enemy with 50 or less HP. (Unlocked at Level 10.)

#6: Woe To The Conquered!(Max Power) : Penelope strikes her opponent with all the strength she has, fixating upon major arteries and sensitive joints. Then uses the maximum of her power left, to deal half of that power to her enemy.(Unlocks at Level 12)
SKILLS (/roll 60)

Hacking : 9/30, 18 or lower.
Diplomacy : 7/30, 14 or lower.
Seduction : 10/30, 20 or lower.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.

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Penelope Ravenclaw
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