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 Childeren of Celeste

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PostSubject: Childeren of Celeste   Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:58 am

Nightingale Quintuplets

At the age of 17, Celeste Nightingale, cut off from her family, fled to escape her political duties, gave birth to quintuplets. This was a rare occurance and Celeste had to recover for several weeks before being able to even walk again.
The Quintuplets are listed here.

Rhoam Nightingale

Rhoam Nightingale was the first of the five to come out and is therefore considered to be the oldest and the leader of the siblings. Born with a sense of justice and righteousness, duty and responsibiity, Rhoam watches over his siblings without any complaint or hesitation. Treading into the ways of the Light, Rhoam uses a hammer and magic to either smite his foes or heal his allies.

Kuzo Nightingale

Born as the second of the five, Kuzo has elected the warrior's path, serving as a shield for his younger siblings. He uses a sword and shield and is clad in plate armor, though young, Kuzo acts as Rhoam's advisor and right hand. He's serious, stern and ever vigilant.

Kaysa Nightingale

Born as the third child and first female, Kaysa has taken after her mother. After Celeste was killed, Kaysa took up her mother's bow and trained herself in it to perfection. Kaysa is the 'Mother Hen' of the group, always worrying about her fellow siblings. While she intended to take Celeste's Signet Ring as well, she instead decided to give the Ring to Rhoam.

Kohga Nightingale

Kohga is the fourth child and the more rebellious one. Taking up after Celeste's rebellious nature, Kohga has opted the ways of the Pathstalker, using swords, daggers, poisons and throwing knives to vanquish his enemies. He's agile and nimble. He's also very playful, much to Kuzo's dismay. Kohga sees every battle as a simple game, where he plays to win.

Shalea Nightingale

Shalea is the youngest of the five but also the smartest. Studying to be a Magus since she could read, Shalea has already mastered the simple, basic spells of a Magus now at age 16. Like Kohga she is playful, but she has also inherited her mother's looks and she -knows- this, making her arrogant, manipulative and vain. She can seduce any enemy using her looks much to Rhoam's dissapointment.

All five siblings are currently alive, 16 years old and traveling Azeroth together.

What you do when facing death, defines who you are.
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Childeren of Celeste
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