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 Event Hosting

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Event Hosting   Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:31 pm

Event Hosting!

Welcome officers and interested candidates, I am here to help you host events. This topic contains a few tips, pointers and requirements needed to host events using our system.

Sheet Events

What do you need? :
Calculator (if neccesary for those of us not good in math.)
Notepad and Pencil.
No distractions.

The Sheet events start as any other event, you gather the guildies and in some rare cases, non-guildies, at a local, easy to reach spot. This could be the spot where you ended yesterday's event. Or the stables/Harbour in stormwind.
You brief the guild ICly, explain the OOC rules and you'll set off to the starting location. NOTE: Starting area's far away should require portal, warlock or simple flight by paid gryphon.

During the event you will place down markers. Each marker will represent a clue, enemy or ally. If they are an enemy, make sure to state the enemy's HP, Damage, Resistance, Wether they are ranged or not and wether they can be stunned or not. Use the notepad and pencil to keep track of the HP's of multiple enemy. Use the calculator, for those bad at math, to keep track of High HP bosses.

Always end a boss by doing a normal roll and the highest roll, gets the kill. Then distribute xp, announce those who lvled up by RW and then conclude the event.

D&D Events.

What do you need?:
No distractions.
Notepad and Pencil.

D&D Events are different then sheet events because they tend to be more investigative then combat-styled. As a DM, you will need to be focused, so turn off your tv, turn off your radio and try to find a place where you can be alone. Distractions will cause you to miss things.

The way it works is simple. You rw a situation, people speak IC in raid and emote their actions in raid and you will think of the consequences of their actions. Too heavy for a bridge? Bridge collapses. Spend too much time arguing? Bad guy gets away. Know that D&D events don't always have to have an ending. Sometimes the bad guy gets away. Sometimes there's no more clues to follow. While sheet events follow a set of rules and a process, D&D events do not. The only limit, is your imagination.

Normal Events

Normal Events are the simplest events ever. You don't really need anything. You rw an enemy, you set a roll-limit (80+ for example) and then it's simply /roll 80+ to do 1 HP dmg. etc. Normal events are great for starters and I recommend starting with those before trying to do sheet or D&D events.

I hope this guide has been really helpful for you.
See you in Azeroth! Robert.

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Event Hosting
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