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 The Wintershroud

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PostSubject: The Wintershroud   Thu May 18, 2017 1:26 pm

Named after their grand ship, the crew of the Wintershroud are constantly hoping to find a purpose after the events of Northrend, they swore themselves to the Vigil of Renarion, hoping that their service will lead to a brighter future for all, there are many, many crew members, but this is a summary of their most prominent members.

Llana Byron

Long thought to be killed by the Scourge in Northrend, this woman hails from a house of nobles originating from the northernmost areas of the Eastern kingdoms.
Choosing a life of knighthood, to oppose her family's views on the roles of a woman, she took for Stormwind with her younger brother and sister, the three seeking to aid the Alliance in bringing down Arthas Menethil's reign of terror.
Her skills with the sword were only outmatched by her charm and wit, but none of those could protect her people form the horrors of Northrend.

Thought to have been consumed by a horde of Ghouls along with many other of her people, the Wintershroud splintered, people going their seperate ways after the tragic loss, her brother, mad with grief, vanished for years. But suspicious clues have recently been appearing north of Renarion, of a lone woman, armed with nothing but a snapped Boat oar and a skinning knife, making her way south, searching for something.

Erdrick Darkshield

The Darkshield household, a gang of brutal, vicious people, making profits from slavery and human trafficking were sudddenly wiped out by an uknown attacker, all that is known is that two of the family Survived, Kayleigh and Erdrick, two siblings who were known for freeing the household's slaves, and burning their crops, Enticed by Llana to aid the crusade against the Lich king, they soon found themselves sworn to the Swordswoman.
Erdrick's savage fighting style, when used in tandem with Kayleigh's impeccable blocking skills, were a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, however, Erdrick was never completely stable, some speculated it was the horrors that he saw at the hands of his family, others assume he had seen terrible things at the hands of the Scourge beforehand, but he never brings light to it, with Llana gone, and his sister now a Silver hand knight, he formed the Triad, the name given to the three leaders of the Wintershroud.

The loss of half of their numbers seemed to have been the straw that broke the camel's back, now an irrational and angry man, It's only a matter of time before misfortune strikes at his hand.

The loss of half of their numbers seemed to have been the straw that broke the camel's back, now an irrational and angry man, It's only a matter of time before misfortune strikes at his hand.

Keriah Roseshade

With an impeccable aim and enough Patience to last a lifetime, this Quel'dorei was first seen on board the Wintershroud, as part of a group sent to aid the Alliance, her face seemed to stand out amongst the large crowd of other newcomers, she quickly came to befriend Llana, and soon enough, was appointed as her right-hand man, where Llana was strict, yet fair, Keriah was the leash, reining her back in with her compassion and kindness.

With the tragic events in Dragonblight, her will was shattered, her sister in battle fallen, without dignity, screaming and cursing, Keriah had the crew sent home, physically and emotionally broken, she spent her years brooding, until the Legion struck once again, suddenly disappearing along with half of her crew, including another of the Triad, Erdrick was sent into a spiralling Depression, which left the Wintershroud without a leader, until their sudden reappearance after the battle which lost Renarion.

Erinn Haig

The half-elven Archmage of Renarion, started her career after years of growing up alongside her childhood friend, Ymir. The pair choosing to try and make a difference by aiding the Alliance in their campaign in Northrend, other than that, her past is shrouded in mystery.
Growing from a cold, quiet girl, to a powerful, confident woman thanks to the acceptance and kindness of the Vigil, Erinn seeks wisdom, and a Reason to keep on fighting, her true power as a mage is unknown to all but a select few, but the fact that many mages of Dalaran would recognize her name might be a good indication.

The loss of Renarion took it's toll on Erinn more than many, having lost both her new home, and her old family, it took a long time for her to gather the strength to keep on going, and to focus on her task of preserving and leading the mages of Renarion to greatness.

Ymir Hartford

Like the mage, Ymir's past wouldn't be all to clear, however, the knight in training seems to be as unaware as everyone else about the events that led to this point.

The girl's bone-headedness and general incompetence is made up for with her heart of gold, her unconditional loyalty, and her immense Courage in the face of death, her body scarred from countless fights, scraps, duels and battles, each one has it's own story to tell, and she'd be -more- than happy to tell you them all over a pint of ale.
Wearing armour almost all the time, her body, save for her face is pale from being hidden from the sun by her gear, her obsession with shields has led to more Shield-related property damage on the Wintershroud than they would like to admit.
More often than not the life of the party, her tolerance for alcohol matches that of the hardiest dwarves and her rowdy and energetic behaviour leads to rather interesting situations.

However, when the time calls for it, she snaps out of this childish behaviour, her mind focuses on the task at hand, and no matter how impossible a task seems, Ymir always finds a way to overcome it, her protective side is often described as "Like a pissed off bear, protecting it's kids while there's a thorn in its paw"

Helheim hath no fury like Ymir Hartford when her family and friends are in danger.

Cersi Rose

A young Gilnean girl, saddened by the loneliness that she suffered within the Isolated city, began experimenting with Demonology, summoning imps and other minor demons at first, her foolishness eventually led to a pact between her and a Succubus, in exchange for being her lifelong companion, the demon would claim the soul of her father, the demon, being manipulative and tricky, had managed to Deceive the young Cersei into agreeing, from that point, she was shamed, spat on and reviled for betraying her family, but the Succubus, named Disora, kept to her promise.
Protecting her from the Feral Worgen, and staying by her side for years, watching the young woman grow into a mature young woman, Disora introduced Cersei to the world of Shadow magic, refusing to allow her body to be tainted by the fel, Cersei began practising, and eventually conquering the art of Shadowmancy, after the city of Gilneas had become officially involved with the Alliance once more, She was able to integrate back into society, having been forgotten about, her days at the Slaughtered lamb, spent drinking, making bets and hunting other, more dangerous demons in Duskwood are what kept her going, until the Legion invaded once more.
Seeking the peer of the Illidari, she now works alongside Disora and one of their Shivaraa, Aliorah, to begin purging Duskwood of the vile legion and the cults dedicated to it.

Alexandria Whiterose

Absolutely nothing is known about this strange, blind woman, the cowl covering her eyes seem to also be covering a dark past, never wanting to talk about how she lost her sight, the young priestess instead tries to make her impressions with her unbreakable faith in the light, and her ability to mend wounds with not only prayers, but with her unmatched kindness and her sweet, charming nature.

She tries to set an example, that her handicap doesn't stop her from achieving her goals, and because of this, she is the shining beacon of hope for the Wintershroud, a hope that the world is not all doom and gloom.

Those who wish harm upon her soon regret it, mistreat and exploit her kindness at your own risk.
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The Wintershroud
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