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 Ranks of the Vigil.

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Robert Silversmith

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PostSubject: Ranks of the Vigil.   Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:38 pm

Structure of the Vigil.

Quote :
High Command

The Leadership.

The Marshal.
The Supreme Commander of the Vigil, the Marshal is the one who controls the entirety of the Vigil itself. Under the guidance of the Marshal, the Vigil finds its goals and directions. The word of the Marshal is considered law by everyone and to disobey his/her word is to disobey the Vigil itself.

The position of Marshal is currently held by Penelope du Puchon, the Countess of Renarion. The Marshal is usually referred to as ‘My Lady’ or ‘Marshal <name>’.

The High Command

The High Command are known as the Five supporting officers of the Marshal’s office. There are five positions that are divided into their specific part of the Order, although if one of them is lacking, responsibility automatically falls to the available officer. The officers are known as The Ranger-Captain, Alpha-Prowler, Archmage, Knight-Captain and Chief Medic.


The Oathsworns are the top of the Vigil's finest. They are the masters of the Vigil, the junior officers. In abscence of the High Command, leadership falls to them. These people are bound by the Oath they took to the Vigil and the Alliance. Should they depart the Vigil without notice, they will be considered Oathbreakers.


The Elite are the best of the best without having taken the Oath. The Elite are the maximum rank one can achieve if they decline to take the Oath. The Elite are well-versed in combat, diplomacy and knowledge of the rules.

Common Ranks.

These are the standard ranks for Aspirants who have proven themselves to be of value. Each rank is a division one is placed in. Spellweavers are for the Spellcasters of the Vigil. Ranger is for the Hunters of the Vigil. Prowler is for the Rogues and most druids, though Balance and Resto Druids are put in Medic. and CQC is for the close-quarter combat ranks.


The Aspirants

The Vigil often recruits whenever it needs newbloods into its ranks, and those lucky enough to find themselves under the gaze of the Vigil, and good enough to meet its requirements and conditions are offered a place as an aspirant – someone who aspires to reach higher up into the Vigil. From here, they must prove themselves loyal to the Vigil and its values before they are given the opportunity to pledge themselves by swearing the oath and becoming true adherents of the Blue Flame.

Members who are not Icly with us.

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Ranks of the Vigil.
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